Supply Chain students Nadia Snedeker, Tanner Smith, Roland Wilson, and Lucas Young win 2nd place in Conexus Indiana Logistics Case Competition...

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The Center for Supply Management Research (CSMR) serves as an imminent think tank for the Marketing and Operations department at the Scott College of Business. The Center forges experiential learning efforts of students with the skills and knowledge-bases of trained faculty in the area of Supply Management to provide customized solutions to the business community, thereby promoting collaboration between the business community and Indiana State University.


The Center for Supply Management Research (CSMR) is committed to the research and dissemination of the critical mass of knowledge, tools, paradigms, and models in Global Supply Management by:

  • Promoting critical thinking, problem solving, research, and customized solutions between the Scott College of Business faculty at Indiana State University and the business community
  • Serving as a think-tank to both Indiana State University as well as to the business community for cutting-edge, research-driven best practices in supply management
  • Providing a platform triggered towards top-notch experiential learning for our student body dedicated to a career in supply management
  • Conducting periodic meetings of member affiliates (and students) to share best practices and paradigms in Supply Management.
  • Developing and delivering executive education in supply management for the business community.
  • Early-Involvement of the Center in mentoring K-12 students towards a career in Supply Management.

The Center for Supply Management Research is supported by an advisory board comprising faculty dedicated to the research of Supply Management and business executives from major companies in and around the Wabash Valley. The advisory board supports the vision of the center towards collaborative research, education, and recruiting for current (and future) supply management professionals by maintaining a competent, industry-focused program that prepares a student for a career in supply management and beyond.

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    APICS Trip: Clabber Girl Manufacturing

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    CSMR Advisory Board Meeting - 2015

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    Crown Purchasing Unit meeting