Supply Chain students Nadia Snedeker, Tanner Smith, Roland Wilson, and Lucas Young win 2nd place in Conexus Indiana Logistics Case Competition...

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Student Name Degree Seeking Company Affiliate for Project Title and Brief Description Detailed Report
Jason Swartzell Bachelors Union Hospital Improving Patient-Chart Abstraction...  See More PDF

“In an effort to improve the time taken from patient discharges to complete chart abstractions, a six sigma approach was utilized to improve timely, quality reporting that would in turn assist patients with quicker adaptation, therefore enhancing turnarounds”.

Bradley Adams Bachelors Delta Faucet Designing a supply market landscape for the Casting Commodity in India  See More XLSX

“This project designs a comprehensive supply market landscape for the casting commodity in India to assist Delta Faucet with future supplier selection possibilities. The project incorporates all aspects of supply market analysis – market risk analysis, supplier identification, supplier evaluation, and risk-adjusted supplier selection with an efficient sourcing frontier for multiple sourcing. The entire project has been designed in excel to facilitate documentation and future planning in a corporate environment”.

Chad Bell Bachelors UAP Clinic Managing Customer Defection at the UAP Clinic  See More PDF

“This project aims to surface the true value of a customer by understanding the cost of customer defection at a service facility. UAP Clinic’s eye care center is evaluated to compute a customer defection function that better gauges customer-care prowess of service facilities akin to human interaction”.

Nathan Johnson Bachelors RUEDI Online Relational Database for Food Hub See More PDF

“This project develops a complete relational database for a food-hub database to be used by the RUEDI. Data was collected on users, products, orders, and producer certifications”.

Becca Muick Bachelors CSMR Requirements Analysis for CSMR Website  See More DOCX

“This project is a complete requirements business systems analysis for constructing the CSMR website. The requirements worked as a back-end tool to provide necessary information management for a comprehensive website”.


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    APICS Trip: Clabber Girl Distribution Center

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    Celadon Logistics Case Competition

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    APICS Trip: Clabber Girl Manufacturing

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    CSMR Advisory Board Meeting - 2015

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    Crown Purchasing Unit meeting