Supply Chain students Nadia Snedeker, Tanner Smith, Roland Wilson, and Lucas Young win 2nd place in Conexus Indiana Logistics Case Competition...

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  Understanding your rights and responsibilities as a CSMR user

For Our Students:

CSMR allows you to create individual profiles, which includes uploading your resume that may contain personal information. While the Center reserves the right to discuss content of resume with user, that is a “value-add” service only. The Center is NOT responsible for managing the content of the resume. While your resume is only available to the Center’s business partners, the Center does not control further dissemination of your resume over the internet.

For our business partners:

The Center does not operate as a job-posting site. A critical objective of the Center is to enhance “job-fit” by connecting the right candidates to the right jobs. Therefore, while the Center will serve as an integrator between your requirement and student availability, further transactions on a position is solely between the employer and the prospective employee.

For both students and business partners:

The projects undertaken by the Center are copyrighted, either by the Center or by the principal investigator(s) of the projects. Under no means will you share the content of the projects with a third party (unless exclusively authorized by the Center).


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