Supply Chain students Nadia Snedeker, Tanner Smith, Roland Wilson, and Lucas Young win 2nd place in Conexus Indiana Logistics Case Competition...

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This is what Jeff Hamilton; sourcing manager at Delta Faucet had to say upon successful completion of a supply landscape project undertaken by the Center for Supply Management Research over a span of three semesters in three different courses (read the press release here):

“My experience with the students over the past couple semesters in regards to their project with Delta Faucet was extremely positive as I would have guessed. However, the students exceeded my expectations at the end of spring when I visited for their final presentations and reviewed their work. There was a range of work quality, as would be expected in the classroom, but I saw examples from all students that showed professionalism and enthusiasm for Sourcing – which at this stage in their early careers is very important. I was surprised by the understanding of the selected commodities as well as the creation of SWOT analysis and Risk/ Total Cost tools used to create a set of recommendations. The data analysis combined with documented data sources built a high credibility level in their work. The students’ work relates well to my responsibilities at Delta which says a lot since I’ve been working in industry for 10+ years. I wish the best to your students and I know they will be successful professionals as they progress in their careers.“

Sourcing Manager, Delta Faucet

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